Sunday, December 4, 2011


This weekend has been.. well, shit.
So much has happened in the past two days that I feel drained. I cannot carry on like this.. I need to get some sleep. Just a couple hours..........

Everytime I close myeyes I see that face. teh pale nothing that he watches with. Goddamnit I hate him so much i wanna--

I went into a gypsum mine with my geology class for extra credit n-shit. It was so dark-HE was everywhere. I saw his face that stupid fucking tie and everything! I doubt it was real I doubt so much of the past few days. am I dreaming right the fuck now? what the hell is going on? I'm tired and so that is how I shall place all of this.. i'm imagining all of this.. none of this is real.. but holy shit...

I need to sleep and become normal again.

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