Thursday, December 1, 2011

this, that, and wow this is stupid

I've probably left something out.. kinda rushing here. hope there are not too many mistakes...

Kayci's dream:
She was in a warehouse with other people her and a few others were dressed in white. There was a mob starting to form. Then they were at a dump. There was a huge screen TV and several glass coffins with cameras in them. She was put in one and then was taken to one of the piles of trash. The mob was growing violent and then they started burning the piles.  There was a d-bag guy with a blue dumb-ass looking hat. All of the other sacrificed people were resolved to be okay with all of that. They knew what they were dying for.. Kayci had no fucking idea. She freaked out and yelled. The mob watched all the people being burned on the big screen... Then she woke up.

My dream:
For some reason I was walking around a dump, covered in blood.  There were bodies everywhere and it was a pigsty. There was a lot of glass and something that looked like a big screen tv frame. The bodies were torn and there had obviously been fires going sometime in the last day or two. The smell of the decaying bodies was more than enough to cover most of that smell. There were piles that I located that were the sites of the burning trash smell. There was also a guy's head impaled upon a metal spike (he had a blue hat on). I feel like there were other people with me.. but I just cannot remember. It was weird: I felt like I was suppose to be looking for something. I felt like I was missing something- something really important. I woke up after a bit more searching. I went all the way to the fence by the treeline before I realized it was a dream. I woke up.

Okay. So why the hell am I bringing this up? Well..:
Those dreams.. we had those around the same time and we placed a few key details together and well.. It seems like I was there after she was sacrificed or something. Linked dreams.. fucked up little pieces of shit aren't they?
I had another dream a few days ago. Right before we went to the park that day and filmed all the dream link stuff. I know what happened in between our dreams. I am debating with myself-should I put this up? And yet maybe it is a key? or .. wow I'm so stupid. None of this is real. I can't believe I am doing this. Shit I have to go.... . ... .... . .-. .

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