Monday, December 19, 2011

I've been pretty sick lately. Sorry for not updating.
The dreams are back and they are a lot worse, sometimes I can't tell if I am sleeping or not. wereyoudreaming? Idon'tthinkso.
     In one of those dreams I was walking in the park. I threw up blood and there was laughing. I ran away from something--I just can't remember what. But I do remember that it was familiar and it scared me more than anything else. I know that these are just dreams, but it's starting to take a toll on me when I wake up with my heart pounding so hard my whole body shakes.
    And then I went and got sick. It sucks because I have not been able to do anything. Finally got around to checking e-mail and the blog and such. Someone e-mailed me about the small red text on here... I looked through and don't see any red text. So, good prank?

I'll try to get online more often. I hope I get better soon.

Hope you all stay safe and well this holiday season. =]

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